Weave Dreamers – Learning to be Grateful

The story of Lucy the Starbeing on her shamanic trip through the words and music of                     ROCK and ROLL!

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Weave Dreamers:  Learning to be Grateful

Weave Dreamers: Learning to be Grateful

The Inca considered a child who survived a breech birth (buttocks or feet first) to be a Holy being. Lucy had entered the Earthly plane this way just in time for the party on New Year’s Eve, 1964…….. this is her story.

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The Author

The Author

Michelle M. Crisanti is an artist and author who resides in the Pacific Northwest town of Eugene, Oregon: a city that prides itself on being “Northwest of Normal”. She is Grateful to be part of a thriving community of eco-conscious, artistic, music-loving…..

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Art, Love, Astrology, Tarot, Healing and Shamanic practices, Dreams, “Coincidences”, Music-Music-MUSIC!!! The book is only the beginning. A behind the scenes look at Lucy’s great adventure. (with pictures!) Life Grows where Love Goes!

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This website is dedicated the creative spirit that lives within all of us. It celebrates the adventures of Lucy the Starbeing in her pursuit of happiness. It is a community space that invites you to engage with fellow lovers of life. We are all weavers of this dream! You are cordially invited to become who you are becoming, and share your beautiful visions!

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